June 2018

Congratulations to Kristin Gabriel who was awarded the Robert Warner Award for Outstanding Achievement in Nucleic Acid Biochemistry. Awarded by the UCI School of Biological Sciences for academic excellence in Nucleic Acid Biochemistry.

May 2018

Kristin Gabriel  receives the AGS Symposium Judges’ Winner. Awarded by Associated Graduate Students (AGS) at UCI for winning 7 minute TED-style talk at the 2018 AGS symposium.

Also; the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Awarded for being an outstanding graduate that demonstrates potential to contribute to strengthening the vitality of the  U.S. science and engineering enterprise.

April 2018

Congratulations to Karissa Munoz who was recently awarded a 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

The NSF also awarded Honorable Mention to Rachel Waymack and Marc Sprague-Piercy.

September 2016

Congratulations to Ankita Shukla who was awarded a NIH T32 Immunology Research Training Grant for 2016-17.

May 2016

Lisa Baik received the “Merit Award” for her poster presentation titled “CRYPTOCHROME is a Direct Neuronal Ultraviolet Light Sensor” at the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms 2016 Conference.

February 2016

Lisa Baik was awarded “Best Poster” at the Center for Circadian Biology Symposium: From Cells to Clinic, 2016.

June 2015

Congratulations to Lisa Baik who received an ARCS Foundation Scholar Award.

May 2015

Congratulations to Ashley Fong, winner of the first Grand Slam tournament sponsored by the University of California Office of the President. Ashley won with her 3-minute talk on “Stem Cells: How to Mend a Broken Heart.” (Click on the title to watch Ashley’s presentation).

April 2015

Congratulations to Lisa Baik and Bryan Boubion who were recently awarded a 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

The NSF also awarded Honorable Mention to Sarah Carmona, Alec Follmer, Autumn Holmes, and Tuyen Nguyen.

March 2015

Hyun-Ik Jun from the laboratory of Dr. Feng Qiao and Rolando Ruiz-Vega from Dr. Anand Ganesan’s lab were each awarded the “School of Medicine Outstanding Student Fellowship 2015”.

December 2014

Christian Guerrero-Juarez and Raul Ramos co-authored a paper in Science entitled “Dermal adipocytes protect against invasive Staphylococcus aures skin infection.”

Nan Wu was awarded a 2-year scholarship from the ARCS Foundation.

Hyun-Ik Jun, a graduate student in Dr. Feng Qiao’s lab, was awarded a 2-year predoctoral research fellowship from American Heart Association.

Bekah Le was awarded a 2015 K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).

George Chen received an honorable mention award for the UCI Public Impact Fellowships.

Vanessa Macias published a first-author paper in Insect Mol Biol entitled “piRNA pathway gene expression in the malaria vector mosquito Anopheles stephensi”.

Bekah Le co-authored a paper in Development entitled “Genome-wide view of TGF-b/Foxh1 regulations of the early mesendoderm program”.

Honyin Chiu  and Lomon So co-authored a paper in PNAS entitled “mTOR kinase inhibitors promote antibody class switching via mTORC2 inhibition”.

Nan Wu published a co-first author review paper in Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. that is in press, entitled “A Role for Partial Endothelial–Mesenchymal Transitions in Angiogenesis?”

November 2014

Autumn Holmes was awarded a position on the UCI Initiative for Maximizing Student Development-Minority Biomedical Sciences Support Program (IMSD-MBRS) training grant which is NIH-funded.

Ryan Lim was awarded a position on the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine predoctoral training grant. He was also awarded the National Research Service Award F31 predoctoral fellowship which will start on March 1, 2015.

Stephanie Wu was awarded a position on the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine predoctoral training grant which will begin in January 2015.

Jeff Holden published a first-author paper in Journal of Biological Chemistry: http://www.jbc.org/content/early/2014/09/06/jbc.M114.595165

Soledad Mochel published a first-author paper in Developmental Biology:                          http://ac.els-cdn.com/S001216061400503X/1-s2.0-S001216061400503X-main.pdf?_tid=d9233004-6146-11e4-abe1-00000aab0f26&acdnat=1414791944_6233e694be336a301e0ede3ddea6dc4

Recent CMB graduate Cristian Aguilar has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Biology at Azusa Pacific University.