Faculty within the School of Biological Sciences & UCI School of Medicine:

  • Karina S. Cramer, cramerk@uci.edu, Neurobiology & Behavior
    Our lab studies molecular and cellular mechanisms needed for assembly of neural circuits. We are currently focused on axon guidance mechanisms and on the roles of glial cells.
  • J.J. Emersonjje@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Population genetics and molecular evolution of genome structure
  • Grace Yuh Chwen Lee, grylee@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    I study how the widespread genomic parasite, transposable element, influences health and the myriad diversity of life, by combining population genomics, epigenomics, and computational biology
  • Anthony D. Longtdlong@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Population genetics, the genetics of complex traits, the genetics of adaptation, and bioinformatics
  • Jose Ranzjranz@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Insect functional and comparative genomics, evolution of the expression network, speciation
  • Kevin Thorntonkrthorn@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Computational methods in population genetics.
  • Momoko Watanabe, momokow@uci.edu, Anatomy & Neurobiology
    We use brain organoids derived from hPSCs to study human neural development and disease using molecular, cellular, and bioinformatic approaches
  • Marcelo A. Wood, mwood@uci.edu, Neurobiology & Behavior
    Research in the Wood lab is focused on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms underlying long-lasting forms of synaptic plasticity and memory in the adult and aging brain, as well as maladaptive memory processes underlying addiction.