Faculty within the School of Biological Sciences & UCI School of Medicine:

  • Steve Allisonallisons@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Microbial ecology, modeling, and global environmental change
  • Mathew Blurton-Jonesmblurton@uci.edu, Neurobiology and Behavior
    Neural stem cells, neurodegeneration, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, molecular and cellular mechanisms
  • Adriana Briscoeabriscoe@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.
    Evolution of sensory systems
  • J.J. Emersonjje@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Evolutionary genomics, population genetics, evolution of genetic novelty, natural genetic variation, structural genetic variation
  • Brandon Gautbgaut@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Population genetics, molecular evolution, genome evolution
  • Donovan Germandgerman@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Nutritional Physiology, Comparative Physiology, Global Change, Biogeochemistry
  • Anthony Longtdlong@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
     Population genetics, the genetics of complex traits, the genetics of adaptation, and bioinformatics
  • Adam C. Martinyamartiny@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Microbiology, Environmental Genomics, Oceanography.
  • Jennifer B.H. Martinyjmartiny@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Diversity, evolution, and functioning of microbial communities (microbiomes).
  • Jose M. Ranzjranz@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Functional and comparative genomics; Evolution of the expression network; Speciation
  • Kevin Thorntonkrthorn@uci.edu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    Population genetics, quantitative genetics, and computational biology
  • Marcelo Wood, mwood@uci.edu, Neurobiology and Behavior
    Role of epigenetic mechanisms involved in synaptic plasticity, normal long-term memory processes, memory processes associated with drugs of abuse, and age-related memory impairments